Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Month 2 phentermine and low carb diet

Christina's Voice:
Month 2 is done!!! I am so excited over my weightloss experience that I have. I love the fact that the phentermine pill has really helped me along the way as well. I have learned a lot to, I kinda got the idea of what has lots of carbs and what doesn't. I have learned that certain food, will give you that natural energy ( like celery and broccoli ) This month I was doing the basic workouts but only 3-4 times a week. With me only staying on this phentermine for 3months I want to increase my exercise so lately I have been working out almost everyday, and focus on my abs more to. ( so that's about walk/jog 5miles a day, 60-75 squats, 50situps,100crunches,jumping jacks 40-50 and more) My increase on water is still about the same. which is a lot. Still no cokes, or sweets. Sticking to the 50 gram carb diet is really easy but hard during certain situation like cook out or weekends but I figured im pushing my work out more and hard it's okay to eat a little more because when you work out you do break a sweat. which is good. Ok final results are below!!!! AHHHHHHH ( love it)

Month Two:
  • Start off weight: 159.8
  • week one of month two - NO record
  • Week two of month two- No record
  • Week three of month two- no record
  • Week four of month two- 151.2
  • Total weight loss 24.4 POUNDS ( according to my at home scales) =)
  1. Look back Day 1
  2. Look Back Week 1
  3. Look back week 2
  4. Look back Week 3
  5. Look back Week 4 (one month done)
  6. extra ( photos before and after from 2012-2013

 Start off weight 175.6
Month 1  weight 159.8
Month 2 weight 151.2
Total 24.4 pounds GONE

Start off weight 175.6
Month 1  weight 159.8
Month 2 weight 151.2
Total 24.4 pounds GONE




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