Miracle baby

      My Journey with Matthew Christopher JR.

This is how I found out I was pregnant with second bundle of joy. It didn't show up til 3months after having a missed period. Don't get me wrong i was taking pregnancy test left and right with first morning urine and they all had said negative. So I wasn't being truly honest with my body, or taken care of it like I should have been. It was a couple days after Thanksgiving dinner, my dad had just left to go back home to Ohio. I was craving Soy milk like crazy still no sign of morning sickness, and didn't feel pregnant at all. Still no sign of period. So I went out got a digital test, came home and peed on the stick. couple mins. later I told hubby "To go look in the bathroom to see what it had said." In bold letters it clearly read "PREGNANT" He came in the kitchen and said "Baby we are having another baby, YOUR PREGNANT!!" My heart was beating a 1000X per min. I didn't know what to expect, I was more scared than happy at that point. All I kept thinking was my little girl isn't even 2 yet, and I'm having another baby.  couple of days went by and I was still shocked. I went and got another test just to make sure, no one had knew but Matt and I at the time. Of course it was positive as well. It started to sink in I was pregnant. I wanted to try and wait and go to the clinic for a proof of pregnancy and then tell everyone. I just couldn't do it the more days that went by, the more excited I got and had to tell someone. So I told my mom over facebook chat ha ha. yes I know. how lame is that, but we happen to be talking about pregnancy at the time and I thought it was the right time. Of course she was so super happy. Then it was my dad's turn. in the mean time of all this hubby is calling his whole family up and telling them the good news. ( which they were all excited to) My dad was more happy than I thought, he said " good to go on and get them over with while your young" keep in mind I'm 24yrs old. so it is about that time to do the family thing anyways, but I'm the type of person I don't want to let my parents down, or have any regrets.

So then when I thought I was 8weeks pregnant, I went to the clinic to get a proof of pregnancy because I didn't have insurance to go to an OB doc. So all they do at a clinic is do another pregnancy test ( urine in a cup) and prick your finger to make sure your iron isn't low. So by the time i got my insurance approved i was 16weeks pregnant, ( so I thought) We went in got the normal exam you get your first visit. urine test and blood work, but when they went to hear the babies heart beat they couldn't find it. They searched for a good 2mins which was the most scariest part of life at that time. So I had an ultrasound done that day to make sure baby was okay. The baby measured 14wks not 16wks that's why, they couldn't find the heartbeat with the Doppler thing. So i was so happy that everything was okay. I was sent home with prenatal vitamins and to come back in 5weeks for another ultrasound, and to find out the sex of the baby. My due date according to the ultrasound is August 6th, 2011.

The Intelligender Test a friend got for me. We were going to wait and just find out at birth, but as time passed Matt( hubby) talked me into finding out at the 20wk ultrasound scan. but in the meantime I did this neat Intelligender test. Its where you pee in this cup full of minerals, and you kinda swoosh your urine around and with then so many mins or seconds it tells you if you having a boy or girl.Well mine clearly said "BOY" So of course since we already have a little girl, we were so happy. but knew we couldn't go out and buy clothes or paint a nursery over it, we just did it for fun. So on March 22nd when we went for our 5month ultrasound scan The Intelligender was right " ITS A BOY"

Matthew Christopher JR.
lots of flutters
Feeling the baby move here and there.

Yeah he is Defiantly there, but still really lazy baby boy.

26wks from the front

couple weeks
                         SCARIEST DAY OF MY LIFE - BIRTH WITH MATTHEW Jr.
May 28th-2011 5:50pm i gave birth to a precious baby boy. he was born 10 weeks early and weigh 2lbs 2ounce. and 13 and half inches long. He was so tiny. People ask me all the time what happen? So this is a journal/note on what went on behind closed doors. Friday night i had a huge headache, took Tylenol ever 3 hours trying to get rid of the pain. at 27wks i was diagnosed with hyper tension and was put on BP meds. So when my head hurts i know my BP is up. So i went to sleep that night, toss n turn because it wasn't just a headache anymore it done turn into a huge migraine. Saturday morning i wake up around noon-ish, telling my mom i still had a huge headache. my husband was doing a side job, so he wasn't home yet. He arrived home at 3pm and i still had this huge headache. i didn't even want to eat or anything it was that bad. and i was 30wks pregnant that day. so im taken my BP left and right because its ridiculously high. finally my mom spoke up and said your going to the ER and she watched Olivia while we went. before we went i went to Walgreen to one of those walk in clinic's had them test my BP of course it was still high and she told me i should go to the ER. We stopped by subway i couldn't even stand in line my head was killing me.  i ate a 6inch ham n cheese on the way to the ER. checked myself in while the person behind the desk said u came in because you have a headache. she said it was from the subway i said no i have high blood pressure and this is what my doc told me to do. and the sub didn't give me this headache or my high BP. she didn't talk to me anymore. ( i kinda was rude back) So by the time im in the back hooked up to monitors and all. everything was fine headache was going down BP was normal. they was even talking about discharge papers. then all of a sudden little matt's heart rate just drops. and i had a million doctors, nurses hooking me up to IV and searching for baby heart beat. of course by then my high blood pressure shoots back up there. and for then on out lil matt heart rate kept dropping, she said sounds like we need to get this baby out. ( of course they use big words for why and what) but i ended up having a ultrasound done just to see what baby look like, and they would score him and depending on the score, would determine if we went home on steroid shots or not. well when i had the ultrasound baby was just BLAH he wasn't doing anything. he wasn't practicing breathing like they do at 30 wks nothing, and found out he stop growing at 27wks to. so he was tinier than normal. there was NO fluid. yes none at all. i mean you think you would feel that stuff leak out or something, but i didn't. and he had no blood flow from his cord. NONE i mean is that possible???!!! so anyways this led to my C-section and i had him at 5:50pm He came out screaming so i knew he had some lungs on him. the docs were so amazed that they were completely developed. yes at 27weeks???!! miracle. and now i just have to wait til he grows and comes home. right now he still in the NICU and taken one day at a time with no problems and i hope it stays this way.

1 month old

                                                 Look who is finally One years old!!!
Matthew Jr has come such a long way from the time he was born to one year of age, ( and so many years to come) He actually been scooting around and itch worming it across the room from A to B. But on his birthday morning mommy got to sleep in and i woke up late in the afternoon and went to the couch and Matthew decided to get up on all fours and crawl really slowly over to me. I cried in tears, my baby boy finally did it, he hasn't even been sitting up 2 wks and starting to crawl. He is so brave and i think god everyday for having him in my life. He is mommy trouper for sure!!

                                     Look who is walking!!!
Look at my big boy now. He is 20months here and this is what I consider walking. He has always pulled his self up to things and walked around, but never was brave enough to take a step. He hated when you held his hands to walk him around, he just seems very independent to me. I didn't want to rush anything because he is still oh so small. he's wearing 12months clothes here if that helps you with the size imagination... It's kinda funny how this all got started with you just up and walking. He has an at home nurse that comes out here and works with him and is motor skills, me being so busy I got a late start (  I know I beat myself up for it everyday) but we finally got this nurse to come out here, and she tried everything to get you to walk.. As soon as she left what did he do... stood up and been walking and falling every since. keep up the good work baby boy... <3