Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review/Giveaway My eyeglass cases

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Christina's voice:
My eyeglass case is so cute, with the cheeta smooth print and it holds my big sunglasses perfect. I had bought a case onetime and it didn't even fit my big sunglasses. ( bigger the better right?) The case is easy to open and close and has felt on the inside so your glasses don't get scratched up, or broken. There are so many to choose from, I just happen to fall in love with this cheetah print and style lately. I also like how they are always having different sales and very affordable.

  •  Retail value  ( sale price) $8.95
  • My eyeglass has great deals on Facebook 

Three lucky winners will win an eyeglass case and a contact case with a cleaning micro cloth just see below for more details Thank you and Goodluck!!

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