Saturday, February 23, 2013

Month 1 Day 14 Phentermine - Low Carb Diet

Christina's Voice:
Today is weigh in day ( Every Saturday for  3 months). I feel GREAT!!! an I am happy I have stuck to this diet, still need to push myself harder to work out. I have to say I did work out more than the following week, but I still think I need to push myself more and harder. If this weather would stay warm I could take my self for a run early morning or late evenings. ( but sorry it's been way to cold). One thing I noticed with this diet that I have stuck to is the 8-10 cups of water a day, my face and hair seem a bit healthier from the water, and not only that my kids see me drinking lots of water and they are starting to drink more water as well. I have completely said NO to sweets, which is extremely hard for me. but when I tell myself no and that it will be worth it at the end. I think with this being the 2nd week on the diet, I'm doing great!

  • Start off weight: -  175.6
  • Week one-  169.8
  • Week two- 166.2
  • Total weight loss  9.4 ( According to my at home scales)
  1.  Day one here
  2. Week one here



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