Saturday, February 9, 2013

Month 1 Day 1 : Phentermine - low carb diet

Let me introduce myself first for all of those who really don't know me. My name is Christina ( christy), I am 26 years old ( 8-21-86) I am a mother of two wonderful kids, one girl who is 4 years old and one little boy who is 20months. I have always been skinny my whole life, until i hit about 21 years old i started to try for baby #1 and the weight seem to come each month because i was thinking i was pregnant, ( maybe i was telling my body i was pregnant im not sure) Well i didn't get pregnant until 22 years old, carried my daughter for 37 weeks and ended up being induce due to toxemia. She come out healthy at 5lbs 12oz. Then about 2 1/2 years later i got pregnant again with my 2nd child who was a boy. ( was not planned) carried him for 30wks  you can read this miracle baby story here  . but all in all i have gained some weight that i don't like with the complication of stress and having kids. I have tried the diet and working out just seems to me i need more of a boost. So i decided that i need to get started on something a little stronger.
          I have heard lots of good things and bad things about Phentermine, i am willing to take my chances and see how this goes. Now i did do all this the legal way. I went to a family Practice & weightloss clinic near me, and seen an actual doctor about this. When going in you fill out some paper work like you would any other doctor visit for the first time being there. They took photo copy of my driver license. Then i called called back they took my BP ( blood pressure) and made me take my socks off and shoes and i stood on high top scale, which tells your bmi ( body mass index). which i thought was pretty neat

 * will be continued on what they told me *


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