Sunday, February 10, 2013

Carbohydrates- Diet plan

Carbohydrates are the only units of food your body stores as a fat cell. Everyone should monitor there intake of carbohydrates, which is something I have never did or even realize that I should do. This alone will help you lose weight.  The minimum intake of carbohydrates, is 20 grams. Which when I look at the back of food items I noticed they really do add up quick. 20 grams is recommended to prevent ketosis . Keeping carbs between 20-50 Grams ( not % which is also seen on the back) each day has proven to be safe for your health, and ensures weight loss. It is recommended that you look up every food, you want to eat. ( which after a while you seem to memorize them). You don't want to go over your 50 grams right? so this is why we count our carbs. We all need carbohydrates reference guide to keep with you at all times, to be sure you count the carbs. Which now a days you can download an app on your phone for free that helps you. or just get a guide on hand.

EXAMPLE OF FOODS THAT ARE HIGH IN CARBS: Anything made with sugar, anything made with sugar, anything made with flour (including pasta), rice(50g/cup), dried beans(40g/cup), green peas( 40g/cup) corn (28g/ear).


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