Saturday, February 16, 2013

Month 1 Day 7 ( 1st week) Phetermine -low carb diet

Christina's Voice:

Today is weigh in day (which is once a week) I have to say this has been an amazing week... I can look in the mirror and see a difference already, and it only been a week. I have been drinking lots of water (8-10 cups a day ) I only worked out one day this week, which was a hard core work out but I wish I would of worked out more, because I probably would of lost a little more. I have been buying mini steaks to eat during the day because they are low n carbs, and I just love steaks. With my mind set on weight loss and getting my health better. So excited to see the results at the end of this month.

  • Start off weight - 175.6
  • Week one 169.8
  • Total loss- 5.6 lbs. :) 

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