Friday, March 8, 2013

Month 1 Day 30th Phentermine and low Carb Diet

Christina's Voice:
Finally 30 days later, I feel extremely good! I feel like I have come along way. I got before and after picture ( front, side and back). I didn't work out as much as I should, but im going to push it more this next month. The easiest part was taken the phentermine an drinking water because it made your mouth extremely dry. ( which is kinda a good thing because you need to drink that 8 + cups of water daily) Low carb diet isn't that bad after all. As I mentioned in my last post you can find low carb meals online or in a book at your local library which helped me. Now down to the fun stuff, Pictures and 30 days later weight.. DRUM ROLL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Start off weight - 175.6
  • week one- 169.8
  • week two- 166.2
  • week three- 162.6
  • week four 159.8
  • Total Weight loss 15.8 pounds ( according to my home scales)

  1. Look back Day 1
  2. Look Back Week 1
  3. Look back week 2
  4. Look back Week 3


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