Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2 months 3 weeks on phentermine and low carb diet

Month 2 week 3 on phentermine and low carb diet!

Christina's Voice:
Update: 2months and 3 weeks later I have lost a total of 21 pounds. Month one I have to admit I did not work out like I should have been doing. I did stick to the eating low carbs and drinking lots of water. The second month I said I was going to push myself harder. I have worked out at least every other day. one hour run ( about 5mines) 60 squats, 60 jump squats, sit up, crunches, jumping jack and some things with the yoga ball. This all is one at my house. Now next month I want to push it the gym and tone up a little stronger with the weights. I feel amazing, and I don't realize how much I have lost until I look back at these before and after shots. :) Enjoy and get ready to see more.


November 2012  to March 2013



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  1. I can see it in your face and tummy :)