Sunday, November 4, 2012

Review: black and green olives

 From the olive groves of Italy to the warm inland valleys of California, our founder, Nicolo Musco, brought an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to quality to the business of olives. Our heritage is rich and our vision remains just as strong as the day Nicolo determined to make it in America.

 christina's voice:
I got to try out the Spanish Green olives i could eat them by the handfuls. They are hand harvested olives and they are really yummy. You can cook with these olives or eat them plain.
Black Ripe
Musco uses a unique California curing process that removes the bitterness and gives our olives their smooth, savory flavor, provides the right amount of texture, and produces a rich, dark-brown color. Using sea salt rather than iodized salt, this curing process requires more time, effort, and expense, but the results distinguish our Black Ripe Olives from all the others.


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