Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review/Giveaway: Ruffles With Love

                                   Strong Feminine workout shirts made to inspire!!!

Christina's Voice:

Ruffles with love work out shirts, are shirts that are made to be worked out in and made to inspire someone while doing so. I love these motivation shirts, my favorite was the one above " No Coffee No Workee." because with out my coffee there will be no work, that's for sure. I got an XL shirt and was very well happy the way it fit. I am big breasted and depending on the shirt, depends on how well i can move around and feel good. This shirt I am able to run on the treadmill and do my work out just perfect with my mom, with out worrying if its to tight or to lose. There is a safety pinned on bow on the back to add that fashion mark to the tank top, which I thought was a great idea. This tank top is called the racerback tank and it came with red glitter writing and of course that bow on the back that you can switch up with your style and fashion (with request)

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  1. Commented on 8 banned books you should buy your kids.

    I love the shirt in etsy - Neon Winners never quit & quitters never win bc it is so true and so motivating!



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    I like the Sweat is Fat Crying Work-out Tank Top because it's funny and inspiring :)


  3. I like yours but I don't drink coffee lol.. I like the Don't Walk DANCE Neon Crop Top it's cute & I love that song :)