Monday, October 1, 2012

Review: Ozeri Precision2 Digital Bathroom Scale

 Christina's voice:
Ozeri Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is really nice. I was super excited to get it because my old one went out and wont work anymore. It has an widescreen LCD with XBright technology which provides me an immediate and easy to read results.It comes on really easy, doesn't take much weight to set this product off to come on. I have always used my mom scale and i think hers is wrong because it gives several different weights when you step on it. This ozeri scale has gave me the same results every time i get back on the scale. I love the fact that the product is glass and you can see through it so it just blends really good  into my bathroom theme. It also can be unit to lbs, kgs, and st. and shuts off after a few mins when not touched.

  •  Buy Ozeri Precision on Amazon for $28.95 buy now
  • Takes 4 AAA batteries ( included)


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