Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review: Miss Oops must have beauty products

 At Miss Oops, we have developed affordable, must-have beauty products and accessories to alleviate your everyday blunders. READ MORE

 Christina's voice
  •  Milk Proof Maternity Nipple Covers. This product is a one time use, My sister who is 9 months pregnant has found these really useful. She said that they never let her down, they are made with leak proof centers. They are flower shape-round and stick like a band aid. Retail value $10.00 BUY NOW
  • Mishap Tape is a double-sided tape used for attaching clothes to body and filling in gaps. I can speak for myself on this one, rather your breast feeding or not, big breast tend to make button down shirts so hard to wear because you have that gap in between buttons. Retail Value: $9.50 BUY NOW
  • Rescue Sponge is just a sponge that us used to remove deodorant marks,powders and other Opps. I wish i would of knew this a while back, because i hate putting on my dark clothes or black shirt and happen to get deodorant all over it. I usually end up changing but with this sponge i can just rub the deodorant away. Retail Value $10.00 Buy now
  • Popper Stoppers is to keep your belly button from poking out. I never had this issue while pregnant, but my sister did and i showed her what i had her to try out.. It looks like a huge band aid that you just place over your belly button and it keeps it from popping out. The only thing is its really thin so you can't tell you have anything on your belly button. Retail Value: $10.00 Buy now.
  • Butter Hands comes ina  4 oz squeezable container. This product is used for your hands giving your hands the best feeling ever. The more you use this product the softer your hands feels. Retail Value: $20.00 Buy now
  • Pedicure in a bottle is use to exfoliate and hydrate your feet. I applied this product twice a day because i love pedicure type stuff and just made my feet feel so soft. Comes in a 4.5 oz squeeze-able bottle. Retail value: $20.00 Buy now


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