Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Review: Créme Phur Slippers

 Lovesac sells unique, patented furniture products, including the Company’s original foam-filled Sacs, their new modular sectional furniture concept, Sactionals, and other comfortable and stylish home accessories.

 Christina's voice:
Phur slippers are made by loveSac which also has the LoveSac tattoo neatly embroidered under-foot . I love how extremely comfortable these phur slippers are. They have rubber soles so im able to walk outside if i needed to. I think they are made really good compared to the slippers i have bought int he past. If these slippers happen to get dirty they are machine washable. Not only does Lovesac have nice durable slippers they also have sactional couches that you need to check out. They are easily rearranged and no tools are needed


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