Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review Candy Galaxy - Jelly Beans and Suckers

Candy Galaxy is your one stop candy shop! A massive online candy store with a dizzying amounts of candy. If you stacked all the candy we have on our shelves it would reach the moon......maybe.

Christina's voice: has tons of different candies to choose from and at a reasonable price to. I got to review some Green Candy some JellyBean Kiwi which was really good and it comes in pounds and looks like the picture above. I have to hide these because i don't want to share, they are so yummy. I also got to try 48 count of  Squiggly Pops Petite Green and White Swirled Lollipops which is what i keep put up so when my daughter is good or if i think she deserves something sweet. They are also really good. Candy Galaxy also has candy by color just in case you was looking for a certain color for a certain theme that maybe going on such as Halloween black and greens.


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