Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review: SweatBlock Clinical strength antiperspirant

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Christina's Voice:
I don't have a sweat problem but i do have a close friend who does. I was happy to try out this product  ( well for her sake) My friend has excessive underarm sweat and even though she put on deodorant when we left the house she would start to sweat. She always had to take an extra shirt with her or wear black, because she's been very embarrassed because of it. When trying out sweat block she noticed an hour after leaven the house she hadn't sweat yet. She was really surprised because she has tried it all. This product really does work. It comes in these little towel wipes individual wrapped. The more research i have done, i found that Rachel Ray even uses Sweatblock. If you have the same issue you need to order a box now, because your missing out and wasting money on these other products. One box gives you 8 weeks of block.


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