Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Nice N' Easy 28 Shampoos Non-Permanent hair color.

 Clairol understands the role hair color plays in helping a woman feel beautiful and confident. Since 1956, when we introduced the first at-home hair color kit, our heritage has been rich with innovations, giving generations of women results they love and trust.

Christina's voice:
I got to try out a free box of Nice n'Easy thanks to vocalpoint. I didn't know which one i wanted there so many different colors to choose from. I found one that was dark arburn brown. I got home my b/f decided he wanted to put it in my hair. Yes, my b/f would be my hair barber, I mean after all this is nice'n easy. He put it on then i left it on my head for about 30mins ( if you have bad greys it says to leave on longer, but not longer than 45mins.). I jumped in the shower rinsed my hair and put that conditioner that smelled really good in my hair let it sit for 3mins, it made my hair really sleek silky smooth. Then i blow dried and styled as usual. This product was really easy to use, also went on very well.


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