Monday, August 27, 2012

Review: Evercolor Poreless Face Defender

Makeup artist Mally Roncal’s love affair with all things glam started at an early age. As a young girl growing up in upstate New York, Mally began experimenting with makeup on her mother, an incredible beauty who was and continues to be her biggest inspiration. From that early age, Mally’s parents instilled in her the philosophy that the things that make us different are the qualities that make us beautiful—a mantra that has guided Mally in her every pursuit.  Read more
Christina's voice:
Evercolor Poreless Face Defender is a product that goes over your face makeup. It's very light on the face so you dont even know your wearing it. This products purpose is to diffuse the look of pores, and fine lines. This product made my make up last longer, usually by the end of the day its all over or close to it. I love that it made my skin really silky and not look all dried up like powdered foundation. To help apply this product evenly you use the buffed-edge Japanese sponge.


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