Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review/Giveaway Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts

 Arctic Zero has created and brought to market one of the lowest calorie soft serve products, Carbawhey, several years ago. Now they have taken their idea a step further. They have created a "super dessert"--a product that provides top nutrition, has no drawbacks, and appeals to everyone who wants a frozen dessert experience that's actually good for them. But as they say on TV, wait there's more: Arctic Zero Read more

 Christina's Voice:
I want to start off by saying the way this is shipped is amazing, i have review things in the past that end up being melted or no good by the time i got home and tried them out, with Arctic Zero frozen desserts they were all still froze and even had that frost bit look to the outside of the boxes and pints. Another thing who said we couldn't diet with out having our ice cream to? well Arctic Zero make it possible there are only 85 calories per bar and 150 calories per pint, which is amazingly good for you. What i find amazing is there fiber in these frozen desserts and you can't taste them. My daughter loves them to this teachers her that low calorie things are good to just have to try them.

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