Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review: Fave

 This all-natural beverage is made from 100% fruit and vegetable juice, and your whole family will love the smooth, lightly sweet taste. There are three full servings of vegetables and only 60 calories in each 8-oz. glass! Enjoy!

 Christina's voice:
Fave is an all natural drink that is made from real fruit and vegetables. When i first got this i tried it warm, i was like yuck, so i place it in the fridge to get cold because i was just going to give it to the kids. Once the product got cold i did try it again, it was so much better so i would say put it on ice or in the fridge. I love that this product is smooth and lightly sweet for not just me but for my kids. With only 60 calories makes it that much better to, so not only is the drink good and actually good for you.


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