Monday, May 21, 2012

bazzagent review: Sobe Lifewater

 Lifewater Flavors:
- Yumberry Pomegranate | Antioxidants- Strawberry Dragonfruit | Lean Machine- Cherimoya Punch | Lean Machin- Fuji Apple Pear | Lean Machin- Black and Blue Berry | Antioxidant- Acai Fruit Punch Antioxidant- Mango Melon | C-Boos- Black Cherry Dragonfruit | B-Energy- Strawberry Apricot | B-Energy- Pacific Coconut | With Coconut Water **NEW!**- Pomegranate Nectarine | With Coconut Water **NEW!**- Mango Mandarin | With Coconut Water **NEW!**- Pomegranate Cherry | Antioxidants - Strawberry Kiwi | Antioxidants- Orange Tangerine | Antioxidants- Blackberry Grape | Antioxidants- Agave Lemonade | - Green Tea | Energize- Citrus Energy | Energize- Power Fruit Punch | Energize- Mango Melon | Energize- Pina Colada | Smooth- Strawberry Banana | Smooth- Orange Cream | Smooth- Strawberry Daiquiri | Smooth- Cranberry Grapefruit | Vita-Boost- Orange Carrot | Vita-Boost- Honey Green Tea | Lean- FujiApple Cranberry | Lean- Raspberry Lemonade | Lean

 Christina's voice:
Hydration is the key, and SoBe Lifewater with Coconut Water help me stay hydrated one afternoon when i took the dogs our for a walk. I love the flavor and lost of healthy benefit in each individual SoBe Lifewater. These are very affordable, and you can find them at your local Krogers. I



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