Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: Shatobu get fit tight

Shape wear category continuing as hot as ever, consumer enthusiasm is assured for well priced, super -comfortable products that smooth the body's contours, tone muscles- and above all are the ONLY shape wear that has been scientifically proven to burn extra calories!

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Christina's voice:
ShaToBu i noticed that it stands for something. the tummy SHAping,muscle Toning, calorie BUrning, workout you wear. I love that. Also on the package it contains a size chart so you know which one to buy for yourself. You do have to hand wash this product and not use any fibric softener or bleach. Man i tell you what i think i burned more calories trying to get the thing on, it was a work out. ( and taken off) but it really just felt like some really small tights. If it was a little thicker i would be able to tell a difference but i personally think its just tights, i wore it for like 5 hours and had to take it off because the part that goes over your belly was cutting into my boobs and i have a chest bone that caves in and it just didn't work out as planned. but i was looking on there website i would love to try other product other than this one.

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