Saturday, January 21, 2012

Review: L' Occitane

Almond delightful shape has harnessed the power of the almond bud in its new formula, designed to give the skin a firmer and more uniform appearance. Rich in flavonoids that stimulate skin micro circulation. this almond bud-enhanced body serum decreases water retention and smoothes away cellulite.

Christina's voice:
This product is enriched with hydrating almond oil,grape vine, rosemary and nourishing lipids. You just massage this product into your skin and its like you can feel it as its working. I let me husband rub it in on my back legs. and he does such a great job. With then just 2 weeks i can significantly feel that i have smoother firmer and more beautiful appearance of the cellulite in my upper thighs. retail value around $ 38.00 USA dollars.

In the south of France thrives a miraculous flower, the angelica. This botanical possesses an exceptional ability to sustain its vitality by reaching deep into the earth for continuous source of water. the source of life. L'Occitane has extract the vital essence of the angelica flower to infuse a new collection of deeply hydrating, radiance boosting skincare.
Christina's voice:
This product comes in a cream like form and is fresh,silky and smooth. It provides the areas of my body with 24 hour immediate hydration's. helps to improve elasticity ( such as my stomach from two kids) the results are immediately and lastingly moisturized and revitalize my skin smooth and much more radiant.

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