Saturday, January 21, 2012

BzzAgent Comforts for baby

We all know that babies and toddlers need lots of stuff to get them – and you – through your busy days. But caring for your baby doesn’t have to cost a lot. Comforts makes it simple, with all of the right products for every baby stage, from diapers and formula to bibs, lotions, cups and snacks, all reasonably priced and conveniently located together for easy one-stop shopping. We know value is important, so we’ve designed our products according to the highest standards so you can get great quality and save money, too. read more about comforts for baby.

Christina's voice:
Thanks to  i was able to participate in the comforts for baby package. First thing i noticed they are allot cheaper in price when it comes to the box. I get 96 count diapers for under $20.00 ( which sizes you get different amount of diapers) I also love that this brand is located at all Kroger's. There is Kroger's like there is mapco, almost on every corner. I just like it cause i can grocery shop and get my baby and toddlers needs at once with the low prices I'm saving tons. I am very happy with my comforts for baby products.

Products Comforts for baby sales.
-sippy cups

Available at: Kroger, Ralph's,Dillon's, King soopers,fredMeyers, Smith's, Baker's, Fry's, City Market, and Scott's.

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