Tuesday, January 17, 2012

GIVEAWAY!!!!! 6 winners ROOTS ONLY

Roots Only Applicator Comb

Roots Only is a reusable applicator for hair liquids such as hair color, hair oils and most liquids used to apply to new root growth and scalp quickly and easily.
Available in either English packaging or Spanish Packaging.
Single, Double, or Triple Packs. $5.99 – $15.00

Thanks to Roots Only I am allowed to host a Giveaway for 6 Winners to win one applicator comb each. How cool is that?  I mean if you can't wait 2 weeks for the giveaway to be over with head on over now to Purchase your Roots only applicator comb. This thing really comes in hand, i have already used mine, its quick and easy. So why not take the chance and you could win something through Christina's Voice with low entries below with rafflecopter. =) thanks -kris <3

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