Thursday, December 15, 2011

ReviewL The auto leaner

Lisa Becker was frequently in the car shuttling her two young daughters to school and after-school activities. She envisioned a product that would easily maximize their time in the car and help spark educational conversations. With the help of her partner, Rachel Ginsberg, AutoLearner is now a useful tool for parents looking to create a meaningful dialogue with their children while in the car.
Rachel is a mother and credentialed elementary school teacher in Los Angeles, California with a Master of Education from UCLA. She has more than seven years experience working with elementary school children – grades one, two and three – and developing age-appropriate curricula for her students that meet state-adopted, academic content standards. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and one-year-old daughter.
Lisa is a marketing director for one of the world's leading public relations firms and mother of two. She has more than 15 years of experience working with some of the most respected international consumer products companies including Gatorade, McDonald’s, Sony and Ford. Her two daughters are ages 6 and 4. She also recently published her first novel, Click: An Online Love Story.
AutoLearner is a product of AutoLearner, LCC, based in Manhattan Beach, California.

AutoLearner is an educational product, proudly made in America, designed for preschool and early elementary school-aged children. Parents or other caregivers use the lessons as a starting point to talk with the child while spending time in the car and engaging him or her in an educational conversation.
Auto Learner was developed with three goals in mind:
  • Utilizing time in the car to build pre-reading skills and vocabulary
  • Developing bonds between caregivers and children
  • Making learning fun
Christina's voice:
When i got this in the mail i thought for sure it was something totally different than what it looks like in the picture ( if that made sense) but once i got to looking at it, its the same thing. This company gives you download able sheets of colors, number alphabets and more. My two year old already knows her shapes,colors numbers but not so much of the alphabet so i ended up picking out the alphabet one. its sheets that you print out from your at home PC. and you slip the sheets behind a protector cover and then the white thing goes on the back of your head rest so the child can look at the letters, trace the letters with there finger or w/e
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