Tuesday, December 13, 2011

review: Breathslim

 You’re probably wondering about Breathslim®, curious about how it was developed.
In the early 90’s, a group of international scientists and enthusiasts decided to turn their research to an ancient healing art that has been practiced for tens of thousands of years. Read more about breathslim

Christina's Voice:
This was a must try when i seen this. I mean can you really loose weight while learning to breath the right way? I guess you do have to learn to breath again, once you get a little over weight ( or alot) You acutally use cold drinking water in this product. You fill it to the line that is labeled on the cup. Put the lid on firmly then put the inner chamber into the beaker and press down the lid so that it fits securely onto the breaker. Put the breathing tube in, then mouthpiece and its ready to use.Make sure you sit with no arch in your back, so straighen up lazy buts ha. Breathe in 5sec , then hold the breath for 5 sec break out and count down to 10 seconds. Do this 20 mins a day in the evening.

Date as of today dec13th and i have acutally lost 6lbs!!! ( that was two weeks from the time i started!!!! )

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