Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pacifica products in your stocking this year.

Christmas is right around the corner, Who needs some last minute Stocking Suffers or even just great gifts in general? Well here are some ideas from Pacifica!

Body butters to go are perfectly pampering portables in FOUR   Five delicious scents: Hawaiian Ruby Guava, Indian Coconut Nectar, Island Vanilla, Tahitian Gardenia, and Tuscan Blood Orange ($.5.00 Each)

Island Vanilla, Beautiful Travel Duo packs major moisture into a petite package with a mini-body butter and color quench Lip tint. Perfect for jet setters and daydreamers alike. (only 10.00)

Transporting fragrance in a sleek package, Perfume Roll on's are an elegant gift that fits into any stocking. Available in 6 different beloved blends only $12.00 each.

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