Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review/Giveaway: Big Dreamz " baby pilot"

A bunch of Atlanta mommies seemed to get an invitation to a baby shower or birthday party every week. With their busy family schedules, they found it more convenient to skip the mall and shop online. But as great as it was to shop for gifts online at home, they often found themselves frustrated. The selection on the baby gift sites they visited was, well, underwhelming. Where was all the special stuff? Where were the adorable and unique gifts you see in baby boutiques. Read more about us.

Big Dreamzzz" Baby Pilot Two-Piece Sleep Set                                

This adorable outfit was way to big for my 6month old, but he is a preemie baby and only weights 14lbs at 6months i tend to forget because he just seems like a normal size baby in my eyes, so i have got the image from the website so you can see how this outfit, fits on your child. It is so stinky cute. I say by the end of next month my son will be able to fit it comfortable and the correct way, right now he has to much room to move those legs. The olive green suit along with the pilot hat is just so cute. The box it came with was also very neat, i didn't even want to open it up i wanted to save it ha. but this product has great material and very soft for baby. Easy access buttons for those diapers that need to be changed.
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