Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy 6month to my precious miracle baby boy

Matthew Mccollum Jr. Happy 6month old. He is such a miracle baby ( which they all are) but he has a special place in my heart that wont no other baby ever put that piece there. If i would of waited one more day to go to the hospital over just a simple headache, he wouldn't be here to this day. It had to of been god looking over us that day and i went to the ER my blood pressure was high and someone as strong as god lead us the right way. I was a nervous wreck about having him and going through what i did with him, but i am 100% thankful he is here with me today. I have some bad luck in my life and allot going on, but at that time and place he is all that mattered. He is starting to smile now and coo more. Holding objects with his hands and hold on for dear life. To me he is perfectly normal, but we still don't know how long he was with out blood flow or water in the womb. Time will tell and until then i want you/him to stay as little as possible because mommy can't have no more babies and i want you to stay small forever! I love you baby happy 6months old!! <3 11-28-11

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