Monday, November 28, 2011

review: Honeycat Cosmetics

What is it with women and cats? In ancient times it was believed that a parasite living on cats could infect their female owners, rendering them sexy, desirable, fun-loving, and, ahem..., unfaithful. Welcome to the world of Honeycat Cosmetics, we put a fresh, sexy spin on bath and body products which appeal to the sexy, feline/cat woman in all us gals! There is an emphasis on the cat as a symbol of female sexuality, and sensuality. All of our products relate figuratively, colloquially, or literally to the cat. Just check out our "I'm In Heat" warming foot scrub. Read more
Christina's Voice:
The peach brandy shower gel smells amazing. You can defiantly smell the peach and the brandy together in this body gel. I love how this product lathers up and does leave your body smelling good and soft. This product has vitamin E.

Retail Value: 12oz 16.00 Buy now

Christina's Voice:
Chick of the sea is bath crystals that foam up like bubble bath, i was really impressed by they way they made me feel. They really helped me relax after a hard day of dealing with the kids. These  raspberry crystals had my whole bathroom smelling with a delicious smell. I thought it was neat that they came in a can that look like sardines or something for a cat.

Retail Value: Retail Value $10.00 buy now
Christina's Voice:
This I'm in the heat lip balm is super cinnamon flavor it had my lips burning like big red gum. But of course i liked it. The color is clear but you think it would be red because of the cinnamon.
Retail Value: $6.00 Buy now

Christina's Voice:
This nite lip gloss will have you all sparkly and ready to catch a look from someone. This is super bright pink and super glittery. I love the wand because its a little brush that you apply the lips gloss with. It says its peppermint but i don't smell or taste it, so it must not be that strong.
Retail Value: $16.00 buy now

Christina's Voice
Bath time kitty fizzy ball goes right inside your bathwater loaded with all types of good ingredients for your skin. I love the smell of cocoa butter to and that's what is in this fizzy ball.They come in different scents to. but my favorite is the cocoa butter.
Retail Value: $10.00 buy now

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