Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review: Kushyfoot

Inspired by the feel-good art of Refloxology, Kushyfoot socks, tights and hosiery dress your feet for every occasion and pamper them with a massage in every step. Our patented massaging sole comforts you from head to toe.

Note: the items below are NEW FALL ITEMS - just hitting stores and

Christina's Voice:

These microfiber tights from kushyfoot are amazing that have these little grooves on the bottom of your feet that kinda like massages your feet while you walk. I love that the tights are thick and you can't see my legs thought this. They do fit really snug and tight.
Buy your microfiber tights today for only $29.97
Comes in different colors; blk,brown,grey,navy

Christina's Voice:
Flats to go are really nice, they come in a clear pouch that your shoe just folds up and fits right into and then you can put it in your purse bag car or whatever. Yes, the shoe folds up its really flexible and isn't really thick at all. These are good for when you have been wearing heels all day long and you can't take the pain so you just pull out your flats to go and bam instint comfort.The snake print is what i like and they even feel like snake skin amazing in know.Retail value for this pair is $9.99 buy yours today.

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