Friday, September 16, 2011

Product Review: Moscato FlipFlop Wine

With flipflop wines, we have embraced the movement toward individualistic expression, instead of manufacturing wines into some cookie-cutter style that’s all the rage. Our goal is to craft expressive, well-balanced wines that evoke just what the grapes inside intended, without being over-wrought or over-explained, and that can be enjoyed at any occasion read more

Christina's Voice:

I had a chance to review some other wines from FlipFlop to read my reviews on those click here. I am going to have to admit the Moscato wine from flipflop it overall the best one... The whole bottle is already gone, and no I'm no alcoholic. As i mentioned before i love the label that comes on the bottle, unlike most wines this gives great details about the wine and how to store it or even what to cook it with. The Moscato has 10% alcohol and retail value of $7.00.This is on the Sweet end so your not having to add it to anything like you would a dry wine. Just like any other wine it is good to served chilled.

As an FYI, flipflop Moscato is one of the top medal-winning wines across 15 major wine competitions. I was really thrilled that the flipflop Moscato earned Double Gold at the 2010 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, the largest, most influential international wine competition in America. In addition, none other than Wine Enthusiast Magazine gave flipflop Moscato a “Best Buy” in the June issue of the magazine

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