Sunday, July 24, 2011

Product Review: FlipFlop wines

So who wears flipflops on a hot July summer day? I know I do. Now wouldn't it just be perfect to pop open a bottle of wine from a company called flipflop? Nice and cold. I was happy to get an email from flipflop wine saying that I  was selected to try out there wine. Then some days later I had receive a package in the mail with three flipflop wines not one, not two, THREE bottles of wine. I was super excited that I popped them in the fridge so they would be nice and cold by the time the hubby got of work. to read more about flip flop wine click here.

In terms of the wines, there are a couple of things you should know about flipflop wines as of this month - first, none other than Wine Enthusiast magazine awarded 4 flipflop wines a "Best Buy" in the June issue of the magazine; second, we just learned that the San Francisco International Wine Competition, the nation's largest and most prestigious wine competition just awarded the flipflop Moscato a Double Gold!

One of the things I completely adore about these wines is that the back wine label is very informative. The back of the label gives the following information:
Vintage: Year it was bottled
Appellation: Ok…I had to google what this meant–according to wikipedia it means a legally defined and protected geographical indication used to identify where the grapes for a wine were grown. See, you really do learn something new everyday..well, unless you already knew that.
Tastes Like: description of the flavor
It is full of: similar to the “tastes like” description
Eat with: LOVE that they give you an idea of what to serve this with
Serve: When I was first learning about wine I never new how to serve them. This is a godsend!
Scale: Shows where the wine falls on a scale of dry to sweet
The back label alone would convince me to buy this wine. ANY vinter that goes to this length to describe their wines gets my 100% approval.

Pinot Noir
vintage in 2010, this wine tasted like sweet cherry n spice. With this being a dry wine i got some welches grape fruit and mixed half and half so it doesn't leave my mouth with that blah taste. but all n all this one is my favorite. This wine does have 13.5% alcohol in it.

Pinot Grigio was vintage in 2010. this wine taste like tropical citrus and a riped pear. I also liked this product i could drink this straight because it was more between the medium dry and medium sweet type of wine. This has 12% alcohol in it.

Riesling vintaged in NV which tasted like peach , melon and apricot which leaves you that smooth feeling. This product has 12 % alcohol in it. I love this wine to, you can also drink this one straight because its sweet.

Find Flip Flop wines on there FACEBOOK FAN PAGE!!!

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