Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: Tummy drops and Probiotic Chocolate with Vitamin D3

 Enteral Health and Nutrition, LLC was formed by three Saint Louis physicians who recognized that many of their patients wanted to approach their common digestive complaints naturally. Using their medical expertise and knowledge they have developed a line of all-natural functional foods and supplements to assist with digestive and skin health.

Christina's Voice:
Tummy Drops are to keep our tummies happy the one above is a natural peppermint drop. Each drop contains specially formulated blend of natural peppermint oils that can assist with occasional cramps and bloating, nausea and stomach being upset. This product really helped ease my stomach when i couldn't keep anything down.

Christina's Voice:
Tummy drops that keep your tummies happy is a great product to use or try to see if they work for you. The nautal ginger drops as in the picture above is made with brown rice syrup gluten free great for morning sickness or motion sickness. 

Christina's Voice:
Gi Health offers a probiotic chocolate with vitamin D3 which comes in a box full of 14 individually wrapped all natural chocolates. Reminder this is not candy even though it does taste really good this is for adults you eat one per day. Great for your tummy as well. I love this product the most.  


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