Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review/Giveaway Gamergrub Performance snack

What is Gamer Grub? It is essentially a trail mix that combines great taste with a proprietary blend of essential vitamins and natural neurotransmitters to support performance. Gamer Grub currently has four flavors- including Pizza, PB&J, BBQ and S'mores - packaged in convenient 'Tear N' Tilt' snack packs.

In a survey done of gamers Gamer Grub has come up as one of the top foods they like to eat over and above Pizza, the traditional Cheetos, Nachos and even Energy Drinks.

Christina's Voice: 
Now days most moms are huge fans of there kids who are online gamers, and those games need Gamer Grub, which is a grateful snack food that is made up of real snack size food at your fingertips. The bad is zipped locked shut so keeps whatever you don't you can seal back up. These performance snacks have vitamins C, A and B3 along with magnesium and more. Further information on the ingredients of the brand can be seen here:   
Which i thought was great for nephews that way they dont get greasey fingers and that gets all over the controller or them. I enjoyed trying out the BBQ the most, but my kids loved the smores, PB&J  and pizza flavors.
     Gamergrub make a point to keep all gamers updated on the latest news in the Gaming Industry with the inside scoop on all newest launches, games, review of professional tournaments and conventions.  Gamers are flocking to our blog just to keep updated on what's new:

Where To Buy?  We are sold in approximately 3,000 retail stores and are carried in: 

  • Best Buy,
  • Fry's Electronics
  • Valero
  • Toy-R-Us
  • E-Z Mart
  • Comp USA
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Play N Trade
  • Hastings
  • Microcenter
  • Books-A-Million
  • And more
The snack can be found in 7 countries world-wide including; Canada, Finland, Sweden, UK, Saudi Arabia and China.
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