Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: Smart Mouth

 SmartMouth uses a patented, dual-solution technology that requires two active ingredients to be kept separate until just prior to rinsing. This insures that SmartMouth is freshly activated with each use to provide unmatched, long-term fresh breath. SmartMouth's oxidizer in Solution 1, like second generation mouthwash products, eliminates existing bad breath when you rinse. But unlike generation one products, it doesn't kill germs (that's a good thing!). SmartMouth's zinc ion technology, created by the combination of Solution 1 and Solution 2, prevents germs from producing new bad breath gases for long term fresh breath. One rinse in the morning prevents bad breath all day, and one rinse at night and you can wake up every day with no morning breath. That's 24 hours of fresh breath with just twice daily use.

Christina's Voice:
Activated mouthwash is a an alcohol free but minty mouth rinse. It has an 12 hour fresh breath + advance germ killing . I love that this product fights against gingivitis and plaque. Some people suffer from a disease that causes the bad breath and they have no clue.. but this product can help fight that. In this kit you mix the two solutions to activate the Smart-zinc tech. which eliminates and prevents bad breath for 12 hours. I rinsed first thing in the morning that way i know i have fresh breath all day long.


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