Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Review Pine Bros - Soft throat drops-

 In 1930 Pine Brothers was sold to the Life Savers Company and continued to flourish. Known for its 'soft drop consistency,' Pine Brothers lozenges became a favorite of adults and children alike. Read more

 Christina's Voice:
Pine bros make the softish throat drops since 1870. They are an american made throat drop. They look hard, but they are not they are really gummy.They are for temporary relief of minor discomfort and protection of irritated areas in sore mouth and sore throat. There is only 5calories per drop so that is good, and you don't get that menthol taste like you do a normal cough drop. But i have to admit the wild cherry flavor was my best, and you can tell a difference when sucking on one, when your throat is feeling itchy.


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