Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: Thymes lotion, cologne and candle

 Thymes creates' clean, natural-smelling fragrances for those who go beyond the simple act of wearing fragrance; but use it to add passion and variety to what they feel and discover more beauty in the everyday.

Christina's voice:
I really love Thymes fragrances that they have to offer. Candles lotion and perfumes are most women dreams. I love smelling good, and having my house smell good as well.
  • Moon flower body lotion leaves your skin really moisturized while infusing a blend of cinnamon, sugared quinces, myrtle leaves and smooth cognac. Comes in a squeezable body which makes it easy to apply. Retail value $25.00
  • Moonflower Roller ball cologne comes in a roll on applicator for the body. It really doesn't take much of this to get your desire perfume smell. I like that it has glitter floating around int he roller, and when you apply it, kinda gives you a shimmer. Retail value $20.00.
  • Bitter orange & cidar candle is amazing. I could smell this product before i popped open the tin can. Really enjoyed this long lasting burning candle. Retail value : $18.50


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