Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: Sex & Mischief Sex Sling Classic ( ADULT)

Warning: This post contains links to an adult site that sells adult toys and sexual enhancers. If you do not wish these items to appear on your screen, please do not click the links. Must be 18 years of age or older*

Sex and Mischief: Classic Sex Sling

 Christina's voice:
The Sex and Mischief make a classic sex sling used of course in the bedroom or should i say just behind closed doors. This allows you to strap yourself into all kinds of different positions,either making old positions easier or trying something that you have never tried, all while being hands free for that extra sexual stimulation. First thing i noticed was the straps are adjustable so pretty much can be used for anyone tall or short. It is one big long strap and comes in the color black. Has a big padded area to help with support for example that goes along your back like the picture on the box. This is is a defiantly a must have product it reduces the leg fatigue during certain positions. It enhances a woman's G-spot and enables a couple to hit a maximum penetration during play time. I do like the Sex Sling Classic but I personally think this product could be much better, by adding some sort of elasticity to the straps and possibly rounding off the strap's edging with thin padding or a softer material.
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Retail Value $24.00 buy now

Full length – 128”                                                                     
Pad to end of strap – 59” (fully extended)
Pad length – 14”
Pad width – 4.2”
Biggest loop – 29”
Smallest loop – 1.5”


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