Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: Le Be'be' products

Le bébé Coo sales Baby, Children's, Infant and Toddler's Skin & Hair Care

 Christina's Voice:
  • Lait Nourrissant pour Be'be' ( nourishing lotion). I rubbed this lotion all over my son's body after he got out the bath tonight. Did you know your baby loses 50% moisture faster than mature like ourselves? Olive oil is one main ingredient in this product which heals and nourishes the skin. This left skin feels silky soft and smelling so good. Retail value $26.00 Buy now
  • Apre's-Shamping De'me'lant Sans Rincage (Leave-In Conditioner Detangler) Comes in a spray bottle form to make it easier to spray all over your hair. I get tangles myself, but my little girl her hair is touching her butt and she is only three. So brushing her hair is a challenge. The ingredients int his products are blend together and uniquely give the natural tear free product. This product left my little girls hair tangled free. Retail value $22.00 buy now
  • Huile de Massage pour Be'be' (Massage Oil) blends fast into your skin and baby skin. The formula combines oil extracts garnerd from all parts of the world. This is by far my favorite product. retail value $26.00 buy now
  • Lingettes IP 45 Haute protection Solaires et Resistaes a' L'eau ( SPF 45 Wipes). this product protects topically without being fully ingested by the skin. Give yous 80 minutes of protection with water activity. Retail value $44.00 for 40 wipes buy now


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