Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review/Giveaway: Mr power Stretch mark treatment.

 Dr. Max Powers products are designed to support a healthy and active lifestyle. Working out or exercising is a great way to trim excess fat, build strong healthy muscles and joints, while maintaining a healthy immune system. We need to be well supported during our exercise programs.

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 Christina's voice:
Stretch mark treatment is great for stretchmarks and to prevent them. I used them on my stomach and i could tell a difference with then 2 wks of using it everyday. I have also been dieting but im sure this product had alot to do with the fading of my ugly stretch marks. The bream has been formulated to provide nutrients and vitamins to skin that promotes elasticity and collgen to prevent those future stretch marks.
    Weightlifters may experience stretch marks due to the over stretching of skin leading to a breakdown in elasticity. A scar forms on the skin leading to what is commonly known as a stretch mark. Striae is the medical term for stretch marks caused by a sudden change in the size of the body, such as pregnancy, rapid muscle bulking, or adrenal gland disorders. While most of the marks are permanent, there are ways to reduce and prevent them from occurring.

 Directions: Apply cream one (1) time daily per 24-hour period. Massage into into target area using a circular motion, until completely absorbed. Users should experience a visible reduction in approximately one month. Treatment should also be applied prior to working out on the affected area. a Rafflecopter giveaway -


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