Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review: Star and moon wall decals

 Welcome to our creative world of wall decor, where we offer a wide range of decorative ideas for your home and office. We design and manufacture wall decals, digital canvas, murals, wall mirrors, wall clocks and more! Our decals are easy to apply, removable and are washable.
All of our wall designs are created by young and talented designers from the United States and from all around the world!

Lights on

Lights off

 Christina's voice:
Dezign with a Z has all kinds of decals anywhere from Kids rooms, modern, floral decals,to animals and much more.  The stars and moon decal like in the above picture is easy to apply and comes with a hard plastic brush to help press the decal on to the wall. The stars and moon actually glow in the dark and to make them do so you just leave the light on for a little bit and when you turn off the lights, it glows!

  • Retail Value: $55.00
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