Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review/Giveaway : Bare Hare dry wash and recreate by Blankz

 The blankZ are the most creative plush toys ever because YOU do the designs, plus you can wash/dry and design again!

Christina's voice:
Blankz is a soft plush toy that you can color, wash and dry, then color again! My daughter loved it, as soon as we got the package in the mail, she was ready to color. The Blankz marker come in five different colors and go on the Blankz plush toy really good. You can color solid or even draw on the plush toy. When you are finished you can leave it alone or wash and create something new. The only thing i didn't like was the fact the marker got all over your hands while coloring, but was very easy to wash off. ( was told baking soda helps if you have trouble getting it off.) Other than that, this is a great product and i would recommend for you buy this for your creative little ones. 

  • The Blankz (series 1) Bare, ele-faint, bloink, white hound, no bully, bare hare, un sealed
  • Retail price $14.99 buy now

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    I like the Bloink Pig from Blankz

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