Monday, September 24, 2012

Review: Littergettter all natural Litter Training Solution

Litter Getter is designed for cats who are not using their litter boxes, Litter Getter Ultra specifically addresses this problem and provides a clinically tested and proven solution. Litter Getter Ultra uses an all-natural mixture to attract cats back to the litter box. Not only does it work great as a training litter for kittens, but it also provides superior odor control.

Christina's voice:
Littergetter is an all natural litter training solution. The container above in the picture is 20oz and this one bottle last one cat for over 3months. Have you ever had that one kitten that wouldn't use the litter box? Well with Littergetter an all natural litter solution will help you with that problem. You mix this with any of your favorite cat litter. (It clumps with all litters). This product will help train your kitten to use the box. It kinda of looks like catnip to me, so if it has anything to actually do with catnip, we know all kittens/cat love that stuff. This product is people and animal safe.


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  1. My old cat has suddenly decided he doesn't know how to use the litter box, I wonder if this product would work for him too. Might be worth a try!