Friday, August 3, 2012

Review: Omax3 ultra pure

No matter how healthy you eat, chances are you will not be able to get the proper amount of heart-healthy omega-3 from diet alone. It’s why doctors often recommend an omega-3 supplement. But which one should you choose? The answer is pure and simple – omax3.  omax3® Ultra-Pure™ Omega-3 Supplement® is a pharmaceutical-grade easy-to-swallow soft-gel dietary supplement that delivers the highest omega-3 purity levels available.  Period.

All omega-3 supplements are not the same, so it’s time to say “see ya” to krill oil and “bye bye” to bargain omega-3 supplements. It’s important to look for (and to expect!) purity and concentration in every pill for the best health benefit, and you get this with new omax3® Ultra-Pure™. It’s a new pharmaceutical grade all-natural omega-3 supplement that delivers the highest omega-3 purity levels available, providing 100% of the daily requirements of omega-3, as recommended by the American Heart Association.   

In fact, one dose of two omax3 Ultra-Pure soft gels is equivalent to the omega-3 benefit of eating eight and half egg yolks or 90 walnuts (which would be impossible to do daily). Do you have time to eat that every day?

Developed by physicians affiliated with Yale University,  omax3 Ultra-Pure is tested twice for purity and is free of contaminants, such as unwanted omega-6 fatty acids, mercury, lead or PCBs, that can be found in fish oil supplements.  Not to toot our own horn, but “toot toot”, because omax3 Ultra-Pure delivers unsurpassed purity and concentration of omega-3 content with more than 91% pure omega-3 content per soft-gel, compared to most omega-3 brands, which deliver only 30-50% purity and contain mostly fillers.

omax3 Ultra-Pure is also gluten-free, and is optimally balanced to support the body’s normal inflammation response to achieve a balance of EPA and DHA (4:1). 

And because no one likes fishy burps, the omax3 Ultra-Pure soft-gels are easy-to-swallow and, when used as directed, won’t cause fishy burps, aftertaste or odor like many less pure omega-3 products. 

Still not convinced? Take the omax3® Ultra-Pure™ Freezer Test®. Low purity omega-3 products will often turn white and cloudy when placed in the freezer for 24 hours, but omax3 remains clear. That’s because there are no saturated fats or other impurities in omax3.
Undesirable fats = impurities. Take the challenge!
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Christina's voice:
I myself try to eat good, try to diet good.. but it never seems to work out the way i plan it to. I did try the omax3 and i couldn't really tell a difference but knowing i was getting the right vitamins im sure they were doing there job. I can't swallow pills what so ever, unless they have that coating or gel and Omax 3 was really easy to swallow.


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