Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review: Cover your hair, hair products.

CoverYourHair has a wonderful selection of products to cover your hair, whatever the reason. Their prices are reasonable and service is quick. To learn more about there products click learn more.

Christina's voice: is a great website that offers tons of different hair bows,bands and ties just for your hair. This bow in her hair is an actual hair tie with a big black bow on it. Very cute and will pretty much match anything. She's a girly type girl so anything big and flashy she wants it.

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  1. Great post Christina! I'm definitely going to share this with my girlfriend, because she loves to wear hair bows and bands. I don't know a lot about hair and stuff but I know she's always mizani hair products, she said it's the only thing she'll use. Thank you for sharing this with us!