Sunday, August 26, 2012

Giveaway/Review: Uh-Oh industries cheesy fingers and the sauce toss

                      Uh-Oh industries
  "Uh-oh", the infamous one liner that you can't help but smile at (even if they did just break your favorite dish). At Uh-Oh Industries we have taken all of those memorable times and laid them out as the foundation of our company. We are rooted in pure fun! Read more about Uh-oh industries.

Christina's voice:
Everyone who knows my daughter knows that when she has messy fingers what is the first thing that she does? Wipes them on her shirt. This shirt she has on is pink with "cheesy fingers" trademark. My son to the right >> always has something on his shirt i don't care if its drool. But the sauce toss shirt fits him perfect. It's actually a onesie with three buttons at the bottom. I love the way both of these shirts feel, they are super soft and i fell in love with them the second i opened the package.

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  1. I like the pink shirt only because my grand daughter would love it

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  3. i would love cereal slide! my daughter loves cheerios. cute

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