Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bzz: Black Rose Whipping Willow- eden Fantasys


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 Christina's voice:
 Have you ever gave your love a beautiful Black Rose set? I am sure it will please and pamper him or her. The name picked out for this product is amazing, its like the perfect name for it. It's a very well made it has a a wooden handle that is wrapped in leather like fabric, used for easy gripping and it keeps your hands from sliding. It is a very light product which makes it easy to swing. Depending on how hard you swing the whip, will determine if the sensation is hard or soft. When cleaning this product, i would suggest some mild saddle soap. That can be found at your local leather store.One thing you dont want to do is get this wet in any way shape or form because it dries out and rotten, cracks.If your looking for a great deal you should visti

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