Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review: Roaring Spring paper

 Founded in 1887 and celebrating its 125 Year Anniversary as an American manufacturer of Recycled & Sustainable Paper Products.

 Christina's voice:
Hard Cover Composition Books for school. Unique composition books that feature the proper skip line ruling for Grades 1,2& 3 as well as  Picture Story format. A great way to get youngsters writing like the big kids. My little one will be starting school here soon and these composition books are going to be perfect to start teaching her how to draw her name and other letters of the alphabet.

Christina's voice
Sugarcane Paper Notebooks - This environmentally friendly product is made of paper from sugarcane,  truly a renewable paper.  This is a notebook where purchasing it really does save a tree. I like to keep track of my reviews and bills and this is a great notebook to start writing everything down in and im able to flip back later and see what i need to do or what i have already done. 

 Christina's voice:
Wide Pad - The first notepad of its kind. We literally turned the legal pad on its side and now challenge note takers everywhere to take their notes in a new direction. In addition it's paper is  composed of 30% post consumer waste. I love that we always keep a notepad near the home phone so that when we have a message from where someone called or i need to tell my husband something before work i just write a little message and he can respond there as well and there is just plenty of room.


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